See how Bliss Cu copper jewelry is made

Copper process image

102_6253These circles have been cut from pipe, sanded, cleaned up, darkened and the first layer of resin is done.  I have to glue the circle to a flat surface to make sure the resin doesn’t leak out before it’s cured and then I have to sand the outside edge again before I can finish the design

.102_6255 The circles get pretty copper dusty after sanding, so I popped them back in the tumbler for a couple of hours. You can see that the copper under the resin layer is still darkened but the exposed copper has brightened back up.
102_6256After the circles have been darkened again, I’ve scrubbed them by hand with baking soda. It neutralizes the liver of sulfur and has just the right amount of grit when wet to polish the copper to a nice warm chocolate.
102_6261 I stick the circles onto tape, as it gives me more to hang onto while I move them around. I’m now embedding the bail into the resin rather than drill holes. I feel like it gives it a cleaner look. However, I need to glue it in place until the resin cures and locks it in.
102_6262 Design Time! Choosing the pearls for each pendant.
102_6269 A bit of resin allows me to keep the pearls in place. They get closed into a pitch dark drawer until the resin is ready. This often takes several hours for any tiny bubbles to pop. If the pearls roll around, I put them back in place.  I use a resin that cures under UV light, so it’s critical that everything stays dark until I’m ready.
102_6270Layer 2 of the resin cures under UV light. Just enough resin to lock the pearls in place. The resin only cures where the light touches it, so I need to turn it upside down to get under the pearls.